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Zambia is curiously underestimated as a birding destination despite a long list of selling points: it has a high diversity of habitats, many localized species, stable politics and good infrastructure. Those who visit will be welcomed by wonderfully friendly people and get the chance to explore huge expanses of wilderness whilst experiencing some of the finest game-viewing in the world. Amongst the attractions for birders are pulse-quickening miombo bird parties and the most southerly tracts of the great equatorial forests. Zambia lies at the very heart of the Zambezian biome and much of the country remains covered in miombo woodland (typical of central Africa) interspersed with moist grassy dambos along the drainage lines. It is therefore not surprising that Zambia offers the most productive and diverse miombo and dambo birding in the world with opportunities to seek virtually all the species restricted to these fascinating habitats. North of about 14°S one begins to find patches of moist evergreen forest, usually in the center of dambos. These are known as ‘mushitus’. In the Mwinilunga district of the far north-west, many species typical of the Congolese rainforests can be found in the mushitus, but this habitat also holds its own set of specialties.

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Zambia and Namibia
A comprehensive trip that covers most of the southern African savanna habitats including mesic broadleaf Zambezian woodlands, Mushitu and Mavunda, combined with the arid semi-desert landscapes of Namibia. This is a faster-paced and more intense tour.

In 2011, we are replacing our Zambia and Namibia trip with a more complete Zambia only itinerary: Zambia: Miombo and Mushitu Endemics