India tours

Everyone who thinks of Asia thinks of India. The mass of humanity is an assault on most of the senses, but what most people do not pick up is the very peaceful nature of the place.  Be it cruising the Chambal River searching for River Dolphin, dawn in the Himalayas, riding on Elephant searching for Tiger, or birding in Assam, much of your time in India will be in very scenic locations, eating great food and being totally relaxed. The road getting there may feel like traffic hell, but birding in Bharatpur is birding heaven.

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Northern India: Birding with a Camera® (BwC)
Northeast India (Birding Tour)
India Photo Tour
Ladakh (India): Snow Leopards, Ibisbill and Himalayan Monasteries
Southern India: Kerala and Tamil Nadu (extension to our Sri Lanka tour, but can be taken as a standalone trip if desired)