Birding Tours

Tropical Birding has been operating birding tours since our inception in 2001, and we offer a wide range of trips to destinations all over the globe. Our trips are led by expert guides who are themselves passionate birders and naturalists. Some of our tours are fast-paced trips that target every possible endemic, whereas others are more relaxed-pace trips with a stronger focus on other types of wildlife or cultural activities. Check the tour overview and itinerary to see if a trip is right for you, and we are always very happy to talk to you if you call us.

Searching for tours by destination?

Use the drop-down menus that are on every page, or use the nifty map on this page. (opens in a new browser tab; be sure to select the region from the menu)

Searching for tours by date, tour length, or type of tour?

Have a look through our online tour schedule, which you can sort or search to find what you are looking for.

Need help choosing?

Sometimes the sheer number of options can be overwhelming, but we’d love to chat with you and give you some recommendations, as well as let you know about upcoming tours are confirmed and have space available. Give us a call at one of the phone numbers to the right, or send us an email at [email protected]