Trip report: Trinidad and Tobago (January 2018) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Bill Murphy and Wesley Homoya. This tour had the same itinerary as that of our upcoming set-departure tour.

This midwinter exploration of the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago was highlighted by views of stunningly gorgeous hummingbirds, cryptically colored Oilbirds in their dimly illuminated crevice, two species of manakins displaying on their leks, a wide variety of species enjoying fruit on platform feeders, Scarlet Ibis gathering at dusk at their communal roost, and a lone Savanna Hawk that established the first record of that species for Tobago. We worked as a team and had a terrific time while recording about 200 species of birds.

Click this link to view the full Trinidad and Tobago trip report in PDF format (2 MB file)