Trip report: Chile Birding With A Camera® custom tour Dec 2018

Guided by Sam Woods. This was a custom tour.

Chile has had obvious appeal for years; widely touted as the most spectacular scenery on the continent, Torres del Paine National Park provides ample evidence of this. In recent years, its appeal to birders and nature photographers has increased further with the establishment of an accessible colony of King Penguins on Tierra del Fuego, and the development of Puma-viewing and photography tours in and around Torres del Paine, has now made these animals all but guaranteed on a focused trip into the area. The principal motivation for these people for which this tour was designed, was getting sight of Torres del Paine, a national park famed for its breathtaking scenery in the Patagonia region, adding dedicated Puma searches and a side trip to Tierra del Fuego to get King Penguins and perhaps a Magellanic Plover (a monotypic bird family confined to southern Argentina and Chile) was therefore a natural progression, as geographically they are all so close together. The tour was a resounding success, with not only excellent views of our target species but all of them photographed too – Pumas posed late one evening amongst the dramatic surrounds of Torres del Paine, the scenery of Torres del Paine was on view constantly due to cooperative clear weather throughout our four-night stay, Magellanic Plovers foraged at close range to us just north of Punta Arenas, and the King Penguins were as immaculate and beautiful as expected. Aside from these obvious highlights came great looks and photos of Rufous-chested and Tawny-throated Dotterels, a great showing from a striking male Magellanic Woodpecker, and the steely glare from an Austral Pygmy-Owl all providing standout moments, alongside the waterfowl-covered pools that regularly accompanied this scenic tour.

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Chile Birding With A Camera® custom tour Dec 2018

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Chile Birding With A Camera® custom tour Dec 2018