Trip report: New Caledonia Custom Tour (Sept 2018)

Guided by Charley Hesse.This was a custom tour.

Set in the South West Pacific, the beautiful island of New Caledonia has a long list of great endemics, the most famous of which is of course the unique Kagu. This was the main target of our trip but there are many other interesting endemics to make the trip worthwhile. Still a dependent overseas territory of France, when we were there, there was an upcoming referendum on independence. Ravaged by past deforestation and introduction of invasive species, several species are already either extinct or presumed so, including the nightjar, owlet-nightjar, rail and lorikeet. Other endangered species like Crow Honey-eater and Kagu are still hanging on the in the remaining habitat. Conservation efforts are slowly gaining pace and we were impressed by the organisation of the parks we visited and saw some of the habitat starting to recover. We picked up all the possible endemics and were charmed by our short stay on this beautiful, friendly island.

FULL REPORT (2.2MB; pdf format):
New Caledonia custom tour report Sept 2018