Trip report: Papua New Guinea (July 2011) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Sam Woods and Nick Leseberg.  This was a custom tour.

Papua New Guinea is a forest-cloaked island that has tantalized birders for many years through the extraordinary images and film of the famous David Attenborough bird documentaries. These films have enticed people to travel there in pursuit of the most glorious bird family on Earth: the aptly-named Birds-of-Paradise. The two birders who arranged this private tour were no different. These wildlife films and countless other striking images had brought them here to sample the rich New Guinea birdlife on offer, and especially the birds-of-paradise that were, of course, right at the top of their shopping list. This custom tour was modeled on our PNG Highlights tour that is perfect for those who have either limited time or budget but want to walk away with a healthy batch of BOPs and other cool New Guinea birds. Therefore, we combined a visit to one famous highland birding site: Kumul Lodge (2800m/ft), with a trip into the foothills at Varirata National Park (800m/ft), and also birded the lowlands (near sea level) by visiting jungle patches around Brown River, and the coastal environments and mangroves of Hisiu. This allowed us to build a healthy list of some of PNG’s most wanted birds, including some 15 species of “Birds-of-Paradise” (the newly created family the satinbirds are included in this as they were formerly listed as BOPs), and a good crop of colorful kingfishers, parrots, and pigeons in under two weeks on the island.

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