Trip report: Costa Rica Photo Tour Group 1 (February 2019) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Pablo Cervantes D.. This was a set-departure tour.

The Costa Rica Photo Tour is one of the most popular photo trips in Central America. Every day our group had terrific photo opportunities as we visited locations from sea level to 9000 feet. There were fantastic birds like hummingbirds, toucans, tanagers, quetzals, herons, oropendolas, aracaris, wood rails, spoonbills, owls, macaws, parrots, honeycreepers, jays and more. Amphibians and reptiles delighted us too like the famous Red-eyed Tree Frog, glass frogs, poison frogs, Eyelash Vipers and Hog-nose Pit Vipers.

Our group photographed at least 134 birds, 8 mammals, 7 amphibians, and 4 reptiles from boat, hides, platforms, balconies and in the field.

Click the link below for the full report that includes many photos taken during the tour.

Full Costa Rica Photo Tour trip report (8.5 MB PDF file)