Trip report: Falkland Islands Photo Journey (December 2013) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Iain Campbell.

The two week Falkland Photo trip allowed us to experience the Falklands just as Charles Darwin did—as self-paced visitors with inquiring minds, but with the nice addition of some camera gear. This is a place where a long lens (400 mm+) is not a necessity; have a little patience and the wildlife comes to you.

We arrived into Stanley in the afternoon, got into the hotel and settles in for what was going to be an obscenely early departure. When you want to be at a place at dawn and sunrise is at 4am, I will let you do the math. For the first two hours we were dumbfounded—where do you point my camera as everywhere you look there are so many things to see. Volunteer Point is a novel, penguin playground with 1000s of penguins— Gentoo, Magellanic, and King—presenting limitless possibilities and opportunities.

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