Colombia tours

Colombia is becoming one of the hottest birding destinations on the planet. Most of the country has become very safe in recent years, and it boasts more bird species than any other country on Earth.

We currently offer two set-departure tours – if you have enough time, they can even be linked together to make a fantastic endemic-filled vacation.

Northern Colombia: The Santa Marta Mountains & The Caribbean
This is a short but very exciting tour that makes a great introduction to the birds of Colombia. The first few days are spent in coastal forest, wetlands, and desert scrub, home to a number of birds found only here and in adjacent western Venezuela. We then head up into the Santa Marta Mountains, where we have a chance to see a remarkable twenty endemic bird species while based in two superb lodges with busy feeders and amazing vistas.

Central Colombia: Andean Paradise
A fairly intense tour that covers lots of ground, visiting most of the top birding sites in the diverse central part of the country. We target a slew of great endemics, such as Multicolored and Gold-ringed Tanagers, Beautiful Woodpecker, White-mantled Barbet, Bogota Rail, and Yellow-eared Parrot along with loads of other great birds including Northern Screamer and Oilbird.