Galapagos tours

This famous archipelago straddles the equator 600 miles (1000 km) off the coast of Ecuador, and it is home to 24 endemic bird species. It is not just the hope for a few lifers that draws birders here, but the chance to get up-close and personal with wild animals that are still unafraid of humans; you can feel as if you are a participant in nature rather than just a spectator. The stark volcanic scenery is beautiful in its own right and some visitors find themselves returning again and again.

The Galapagos Islands are a naturalist’s dream, and millions of photographs have been taken of nesting Waved Albatrosses, dancing boobies, displaying frigatebirds, and even the drab but fascinating finches endemic to the islands. We will explore these amazing islands from a medium-sized motor yacht which holds 16 passengers in comfort. All cabins have private bath and air conditioning. Plenty of food and juice are provided during the family-style meals, and snorkel gear is available.

While we sometimes offer separate birding and photography itineraries, the Galapagos is unique in that there is virtually no difference in the two. The number of species is very low and all but a few are easy to find, leaving plenty of time for photography.

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Galapagos Cruise

We occasionally offer a dedicated photography cruise; while it is not currently on our schedule, the birding cruise is also superb for this, since photography is a big part of any trip to Galapagos.