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Europe represents the final frontier for Tropical Birding. We had already run varied and exciting tours on six continents, so it is only natural that we now offer tours to take in some the best birding and photography Europe has to offer. Many of these tours are around a week long, making them perfect bursts of birding for short breaks, and for fitting into busy work schedules. Main hubs like Madrid, London and Helsinki are easily reached with many flights from the US and around the world.

Although it doesn’t feature the mind-blowing diversity of tropical areas, Europe can certainly hold its own on the world birding stage. Another beauty of Europe is that it covers a wide range of habitats, from the Arctic taiga forests and open tundra of Finland, Lapland, and Norway, to the steppe and wetlands of Southern Spain, while the high Pyrenees in Northern Spain, with Wallcreepers and Lammergeiers, contrast starkly with the below-sea-level expanses of Belgium and The Netherlands, with their vast winter flocks of geese that reach beyond the horizon. Diversity is notable across the continent, and taking a handful of short tours can take you through much of what Europe has to offer without overlapping species much, despite its relatively small size.

Generally speaking, Europe is as about as safe as a continent can get. With widespread modern infrastructure, comfortable accommodation, friendly locals and famously superb cuisine, it has everything you need for a successful and enjoyable birding trip.

Guide’s advice: If you’re really seeking a good spread of birds, combine ‘the best of Europe’ in a Southern Spain with our Marvelous Morocco tour for a non-stop wild variety of sights and tastes, not to mention truly world-class birding. Or push on even further and explore the Pyrenees in our Northern Spain tour. These tours are timed to coincide with peak spring migration meaning the birding, and weather, is at its absolute best.

Photography Tours

The high quality of wildlife encounters in Europe often lends itself well to photography, even on our birding tours. However, if you want to go home with lots of top quality shots of enigmatic species we would recommend taking one of our dedicated, and spectacular, Photo Journeys. The Spain Photo Journey offers truly mind-blowing opportunities with the likes of Spanish Imperial Eagle, Griffon and Cinereous Vultures and a bounty of passerines and other gems. The Finland Photo Journey offers such quality birds as Siberian Jay, a number of owls (including the particularly stunning Ural Owl), and even the likes of Brown Bear and the fearsome Wolverine.

Custom Tours

Aside from the photo tours, which have a quite specific window of opportunity, most of these tours can be run at other times of the year for private groups. The best periods are mentioned in many of the tour descriptions and you need only get in touch with our office staff to request a quote.

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