A Message from Tropical Birding

April 29, 2020
Some of our guides have created Virtual Bird Tour videos. Click here for more info. All support goes directly to the guides.

April 20, 2020

Dear Tropical Birders,

Today we are announcing TB Healthcare Hero Vouchers
Offer expires 1 June 2020

There is no doubt, healthcare workers are today’s true heroes. Never in our lifetimes has society needed them and their compassion, expertise, and collective resolve more. We salute them. We all know that as this tragedy unfolds, we will all increasingly need their mettle. They are leaders that many of us look to help us get through this. We do know that when the pandemic passes, and it will pass, these brave, selfless, and generous souls are going to desperately need to rest, relax and get back to what they love doing. And a lot of them love birding, nature, and photography.

So if you are a healthcare worker (or know one) and want to get back to nature once this dark time has passed, we are offering TB Healthcare Hero Vouchers. Each voucher entitles a healthcare worker to a $150 discount when they spend $1000 on a future Tropical Birding tour. Vouchers never expire, so there is no pressure to book now. There will be plenty of time for that when there is some time to relax a bit, look over the bucket list, and select the right trip.

The terms and conditions of this offer are:
1) Vouchers must be bought by or for an active employed or volunteer healthcare worker.
2) Each US$1150 voucher costs US$1000.
3) The vouchers are valid indefinitely for any future travel on a Tropical Birding tour – so it does not matter whether you use them this year or 4 years for now.
4) They must be purchased before 1 June 2020 11:59pm (Eastern Daylight Time).
5) There is no limit to the number of vouchers that can be bought for any hero. There is no limit to the heroics.
6) Vouchers are not transferable unless it is to another healthcare worker.
7) Once a voucher is used to pay for a tour, the terms and conditions detailed in the booking form will apply to that payment.
8) If vouchers are not used by June 1, 2021, they can optionally be refunded for the original $1000 purchase price.

If you would like to purchase a voucher:
Please email us at [email protected] give us the following details:
1) Number of vouchers you would like to purchase.
2) Name(s) and profession(s) of you and/or the people you are buying the vouchers for.

Thank you again, and we hope to see you on a future tour.
The TB Team

April 14, 2020

Dear Tropical Birders,

While we are not running tours at the moment, we remain very busy. We have been negotiating hard with agents, hotels, and other service providers to delay services. And we hope that many of you that were scheduled to take tours during the current lockdown will reschedule or rebook on other future trips. We will deal with future trips in time as we watch the situation unfold, and while considering the safety of the group and any logistical issues.

We are actively updating our 2021 and 2022 tour schedules and working on pricing. We know it’s hard to think about travel right now, but it’s nice to dream. We will get through this, and TB will be ready to turn those dreams into reality as soon as this dark cloud moves on.

Some of our guides are also keeping busy. Without letting the cat out the bag, essentially it involves a lot of fun content and good way to do some virtual birding. As soon as these are ready we will send out an update. Charley Hesse is particularly excited to share with you what he’s been up to.

Let’s give a huge shout-out to the fantastic healthcare community. We count on many doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals among our clients, all of whom enjoy birding, nature, and the great outdoors. We salute you for your compassion, expertise, and professionalism, and have fun surprise that we will unveil in the near future.

Our “home” offices are functioning, and we remain ready and able to answer your questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yours in Birding,
The TB Team

March 23, 2020

Tropical Birding will not be migrating to High Island and Magee Marsh in 2020

Our guides will not be present at the iconic High Island, where we have led bird walks for Houston Audubon Society for over a decade, nor at Magee Marsh in Ohio, where we have been a regular feature in May for many years. The “Tropical Migrants” with their gaudy attire, bright caps, and amusing tales are staying home this year, following the current guidelines of social distancing. Although we are disappointed not to be visiting these regular migration haunts in 2020, we feel that this is in the best interests of the public at large to help slow the spread of COVID-19. We hope you can still get outside and enjoy some birding. Most regions with “shelter in place” orders consider outdoor activities to be essential activities, and you may still engage in them as long as you do so alone and respect social distancing norms. Please check with local authorities if you are not sure, but the birds are still out there waiting to be seen.

Please be careful and considerate out there, folks.

The Tropical Birding team