Trip Reports – Central & South America


November 2009: Argentina Northwest (custom, fast-paced tour)
December 2006: Northwest Argentina

Sep-Oct 2009: Southeast Brazil: Atlantic Rainforest & Savanna
July-August 2009: Brazil: The Pantanal and Amazon
July 2009: Brazil: The Atlantic Forest Introtour
Brazil: The Pantanal, Amazon, and Atlantic Forest (custom tour)
October 2008: Southeast Brazil: Atlantic Rainforest and Savanna
September 2008: Brazil: Atlantic Rainforest Introtour
September 2008: Brazil: Pantanal and Amazon
August 2008: Brazil: The Atlantic Forest and Pantanal (custom tour)
July 2007: Brazil: Rio Azul & The Bald Parrot
October 2007: Southeast Brazil: Atlantic Rainforest & Savanna
September 2007: Brazil: Pantanal & Amazon
October 2006: Brazil Introtour (Atlantic Forest)
October 2006: Brazil: Pantanal and Amazon
September 2006: Southeast Brazil (Photos and List)
July 2006: Brazil: Chapada, Amazon & Pantanal
June 2006: Southeast Brazil
August 2005: Southeast Brazil & the Pantanal
June 2005: Southeast Brazil

November 2008: Chile
November-December 2007: Northern Colombia
Ecuador (last few years only):
February 2010: Southern Ecuador
Jan-Feb 2010: Southen Ecuador
November-December 2009: Ecuador Introtour
November 2009: Northwest Ecuador: In Search of Choco Endemics
August 2009: Eastern Ecuador: High Andes to Vast Amazon
August 2009: Ecuador: The Andes Introtour
July 2009: Northwest Ecuador
March 2009: Eastern Ecuador: High Andes to Vast Amazon
February 2009: Southern Ecuador
November 2008: Northwest Ecuador
July 2008: Northwest Ecuador
March 2008: Ecuador – The Orange-throated Tanager
February 2008: Eastern Ecuador
February 2008: Southern Ecuador
January 2008: South America Introtour (Ecuador)
November-December 2007: Eastern Ecuador
August 2007: Mindo Cloudforest Birdathon
September 2007: Southern Ecuador
July 2007: Northwest Ecuador
March 2007: Southern Ecuador
March 2007: Eastern Ecuador (custom tour)
Jan-Feb 2007 Northwest Ecuador
January 2007: South America Introtour (Ecuador)
Dec 2006-Jan 2007: Northern Andes Ecuador (custom tour)
December 2006: Northwest Ecuador
November 2006: Eastern Ecuador
November 2006: South America Introtour (Ecuador)
Sept-Oct 2006: Southern Ecuador (custom tour)
September 2006: Southern Ecuador (custom tour)
July 2006: Northwest Ecuador
March 2006: Southern Ecuador
January 2006: Ecuador Introtour
January 2006: Northern Ecuador
November 2008: Galapagos Endemics Cruise
July 2008: Galapagos Endemics Cruise
November 2006: Galapagos Endemics Cruise
March 2009: Southern Mexico: Oaxaca, Chiapas, and the Tuxtlas
January 2009: Northwest Mexico
December 2008: Northeast Mexico
April 2008: La Pesca, Mexico
January 2008: Mexico: The Biggest Twitch in the Yucatan
January 2007: The Yucután and Palenque
January 2007: Northeast Mexico
January 2008: Oaxaca
July 2008: Manu and Machu Picchu
July 2007: Manu and Machu Picchu
September 2005: Manu and Machu Picchu
July 2005: Northern and central Peru
July 2004: Manu
July 2003: Manu
December 2006: Eastern Venezuela
July 2006: Western Venezuela
December 2005: Eastern Venezuela