Arizona tours

Southeast Arizona is one of the regions of the US where birders and photographers return time and again. The reason for this is that it is packed with birding and photography hotspots, often hosting species difficult to see or photograph anywhere else in North America. For example, it is the hummingbird capital of the continent, with the number of species regularly reaching double figures. While the desert is arguably the most conspicuous feature of the state, where many southwest specialties occur, Arizona also boats forested canyons, or sky islands, which provide a whole new group of birds, including yet more hummingbirds, trogons, and a series of beautiful warblers, to name but a few. As the region is a major hotspot for birds, there are numerous sites to visit, many with feeder set ups and easy birding and photography, but also readily accessible trails that weave through wooded canyons to find the scarcer specialties.

We currently offer two different South Arizona tours, one for birders, and the other for photographers:

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Arizona Bird Tour: Hopping the Sky Islands
Monsoon Wings of Southeast Arizona Photo Tour