Caribbean Tours

The Caribbean islands host a large number of endemics, both as a region, and on specific islands. Therefore, the region deserves attention with multiple bird tours.

Puerto Rico, a US Territory has 17 bird species that are only found there, including three representatives of key Caribbean bird families, the Todies, the Spindalises, and Puerto Rican Tanager.

The Dominican Republic boasts 29 species all of its own, and some additional specialty families in the form of Palmchat and Hispaniolan Tanagers.

Then there is Jamaica, “The Rock”, a small island packed with endemics, nearly 30 of them, including its own tody, spindalis, owl, warbler, and woodpecker.

Currently we are offering three set departures tours to the region, one each on Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. We also operate custom tours to multiple islands combined, and Cuba.

Click a tour for a complete itinerary:

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Jamaica: Reggae Beats and Birds – Coming soon.

Dominican Republic: Hispaniolan Specialties – Coming soon.

Caribbean Classic: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica