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Sri Lanka

General Information

Sri Lanka presents those who have never visited the culturally rich Indian subcontinent with a wonderful introduction to the region, while also offering “Indiaphiles” a host of new southern specialties and 33 endemic species. With the fluid state of taxonomy, this list is sure to grow, with many other local races split in the future. We’ll visit a range of parks and reserves, from wet lowland tropical forests in the Wet Zone, to the grasslands, scrub and stunted woodland of the the game parks in the Dry Zone, to highland cloud forests that will bring with it the real promise of almost all, if not all, of the possible Sri Lanka endemics, including the recently discovered Serendib Scops-Owl. All of our recent tours have managed to find all of the endemic birds. Perhaps less appreciated is how good for wildlife photography Sri Lanka is, with a fantastic set of parks, where elephants, buffalo, leopards and a bounty of birds like storks, ducks and bee-eaters regularly offer themselves up for photography. It is only natural, therefore, that we offer both Birding and Photo Tours.

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