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Hey Everyone!

Just a quick tip because I was reminded of it while on tour in Japan recently!

Something all photographers must think about is their background. The color, light and elements of the background are all things that will significantly affect your image. Something we as Micro 4/3 users must think about even more than full-frame shooters is the distance of our subject and the background elements that create our "bokeh".

Keep in mind shooting with Olympus and OM System gear that you want to make sure your background elements are at the appropriate distance to give you your desired "bokeh" look and that the same distances as your full frame users will produce very different results.

Here is an example of what I mean. (Both images are unedited)

In this first image, the leaves in the background are a little too in focus (to close to the subject) for my liking.

Moving on to the second image. Here I decided to take a few steps left and even bend down just a bit to get more of the dark green background as that bush was further away. Check out the difference.

To me, subject clarity is improved and the overall image is more pleasing to view but of course, photography is an art so totally up to you how and why you chose your background!



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I agree that getting the best photo in the field is the goal (especially when it can be done so easily [assuming you can remember to do it in the "heat" of the moment]). But what about new post-production methods that blur/darken the background? Right now it is a little glitchy but I expect this will decrease the difference of micro4/3's larger depth-of-field limitations. Have you tried this?



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