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Just wanted to give you all an update on a recent change that I have made to my settings...

On a previous post I had mentioned that I use all four custom modes on my OM-1. C3 was set for "high-res" shot mode. I want to let you all know that I have decided, for several reasons, that it is much better to use Topaz GigaPixel Ai instead of "high-res" shot mode.

The biggest reason is the most logical. With "high-res" you get one shot every few seconds and there can be absolutely no movement. With Topaz GigaPixel Ai you can upscale any image (ie, no more single shots) and honestly...the results look the same if not better. Check out these two images of a snowy owl. One taken with "high res shot mode" and one enlarged with GigaPixel to match the resolution.

Snowy Owl with GigaPixel Ai

Snowy Owl with "High-Res Shot Mode"

Can you you really tell the difference and if so, is it worth taking just one shot and having a very low success rate to go with it??

So, why not?! Anyway, that's the context, now here is the change in the settings...

Custom Mode 3 has now been reassigned to engage aperture mode on the camera so that I can quickly select a new aperture. I used to have to switch the mode dial into A, select a new aperture and then switch back to M. Now, I can toggle to C3 with a push of a button, turn the thumb dial and toggle back. What took about 6-8 seconds before is now down to 3-4 seconds and as you all know, an extra 3-4 seconds with a subject can mean the difference between nailing that shot or not.



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Jan 04

I'm wondering how much better these efforts to increase resolution are than accepting the 20meg original file. Can you post the original (or regular resolution before applying Gigapixel)?

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