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"Where in the World" is Ben??

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Not sure where to ask this, but perhaps you can direct it/me appropriately. I am on the Costa Rica Photo tour this coming February and have been looking at the newly posted revised itinerary and trying track it out on my maps of CR.

Question 1: Is the "little hole in the wall" mentioned for Day 2 the Soda y Mirador Cinchona restaurant on the road between San Jose and Selva Verde?

Question 2: Day 12 appears to have us driving up from the coastal area to the Talari Mountain Lodge and then backtracking on Day 13 to the Paraiso Quetzal Lodge. Do I understand that correctly?

Ben Knoot
Unknown member
Nov 25, 2023

Hi John - No worries. The forums/groups and members area in general are all still new. This is a place for me to keep people (who are interested) up date to with my travels. You have a great question and a very important one at that but it is best addressed directly to our office. Please email them with these questions as they will be best to assist you. But to answer your questions concisely;

1) Yes, Soda y Mirador Cinchona is the hole in the wall. A sweet place with some fun photography. You'll love it!

2) If that is the itinerary, it is a bit of backtracking but we are significantly handcuffed in Costa Rica. This is the best time to go which means, it is busy. We have to do what we need to do to get bookings so sometimes we backtrack or crisscross. Sorry about that but its probably what we had to do to make it work!

Cheers Bud!




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