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With relatively few people, excellent infrastructure, and massive tracks of pristine habitat, Canada is an ecotourism dream. Our offerings in this huge and scenic country lean towards photography. We have a Birding with a Camera® tour to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia where  warblers, flycatchers, and vireos drip from trees like overnight dew, and we’ll bear witness to tens of thousands of gannets, hundreds of thousands of puffins, and millions of murres at breathtaking breeding colonies. Several boat trips will offer us opportunities for pelagic birds, whales, and seals, and we could encounter moose or caribou back on land.

We can also arrange custom photography tours to the shores of Hudson Bay, where nature enthusiasts can dedicate long days in the field getting up close and personal with Arctic wildlife. Ground level photo opportunities of Polar Bears are possible in this pristine wilderness setting, along with, Caribou, Short-tailed Weasel, Arctic Hare, Arctic Fox, and Willow Ptarmigan in a backdrop of stunning landscapes. The lodge’s shoreline location is ideal for photographing bears on ice and snow.

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