South Africa tours

South Africa is a mega-diversity country. In the southwest, it contains two habitats found nowhere else in the world, the heath-like fynbos, and the semi-desert Karoo. Both these systems hold a host of endemic species; South Africa has 58 endemic and near-endemic birds, more than any other African country, most of which will be seen on our safari, making it an indispensable destination for birders. Included are sensational birds such as the African Penguin, Blue Crane, Cape Rockjumper, a suite of small endemic bustards, the African Black Oystercatcher, Knysna Turaco and at least 30 species of endemic larks and chats.

In the northeast of the country, South Africa metamorphoses into bush and savanna vegetation similar to that in East Africa, and here species diversity increases dramatically, with possibilities of hundreds of species a day. In this area spectacular species include a host of storks and vultures, spectacular raptors and a host of bee-eaters, hornbills, kingfishers, barbets, sunbirds, iridescent starlings, waxbills and bush-shrikes.

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