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Custom Tours

Why Choose Custom?

  • You have a specific group of people you enjoy traveling with (e.g. family, friends, bird clubs). For large enough groups, custom tours can cost the same or even less per person than a set-departure tour.


  • Your schedule is very limited and you can only travel during very specific times.


  • You have specific targets you are after, and want to spend extra time looking for them at the expense of common and widespread species.


  • You want to be able to run the trip at a different pace than a typical set-departure tour. For example, maybe you don't want to get up quite so early, or you want to include other activities such as visiting museums, attending sporting events, or just chilling out on the beach for a day. On the flip side, maybe you want to go "all out" and try to cram a week's worth of birding into four or five days.


  • You have special needs that cannot be easily accommodated on a normal tour.

Custom tours for smaller groups do tend to cost a lot more per person than one of our set-departure tours, but the flexibility they offer makes then well worthwhile to some people.

If you think a custom tour might be right for you, please Contact Us, and we will be happy to design an itinerary to suit your needs. Let us know as much as you can about what sort of trip you want, where you want to go, what you want to do, and how many people (if any) will be joining you. If you're not sure which destination is best for you, one of our guides can get back to you and offer some suggestions.

White-eared Puffbird NicKA
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