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Tours by Type

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On most birding tours, we try to see as many birds as possible, and spend extra time seeking regional specialties and endemics. While you are always encouraged to bring a camera along, photography will not be a priority, and on faster-paced trips there may be little time to linger for more than a quick record shot. On trips with a more relaxed pace, there will be more time to get some photos. Mammals are also a big feature of some of our birding tours in places like Africa and the Pantanal.


A hybrid between our Birding and Photography Tours. We still try to see a lot of species as well specialties and endemics, but will not hesitate to whip out our cameras and capture some gorgeous images when the opportunity arises, even if that means missing a few other birds. These tours are also perfect for photographers who prefer to spend more time on opportunistic shooting and less time at blinds and setups.


These tours are designed for people who prefer to pick up a camera rather than a pair of binoculars. We’ll spend a lot of time trying to get superb photos of certain birds as well as other animals, often from blinds or at feeder setups. Seeing a large number of species is not a priority on these trips, and the overall list will likely be much lower compared to our other types of tours. 


Bornean Clouded Leopard, Pallas’s Cat, Aardvark, and Snow Leopard are just of few of world’s many rare and enigmatic animals that these tours aim to find. Most of these tours have very specific targets and the list length is not a priority, but with a bit of luck the quality of your list will be the talk of the town! There will still be plenty of chances for general birding and casual photography while we search for our main quarry.


Customized, private tours are big part of our business. We run dozens each year for bird clubs, conservation societies, families, groups of friends, world listers chasing down a last few targets, and even for other tour companies. For larger groups, a custom tour can even end up costing less per person than a scheduled tour, and you get to pick the dates and tweak the itinerary. We provide personalized service when you put together a custom tour, and our expert guides will help you design the perfect trip.

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A selection of tours run with our partner Swarovski Optik, features 19 varied vacation destinations. The diversity of tours includes offerings for birders, birders with cameras and wildlife photographers. All levels of birders are catered for, with vacations designed for both new birders and experienced people all covered in this exciting assortment of trips.

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