Tropical Birding Tours and Swarovski Optik: Exclusive Optics Discounts and Tour Program

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Discounts on optics

All new and existing Tropical Birding customers can receive 10% off Swarovski binoculars and scopes, and receive 10% of the cost of the gear purchased as credit on a future Tropical Birding tour. More information and a special link will be added soon, or you may call or email us for more details.

Try before you buy

On many TB tours, you can use a pair of superb Swarovski binoculars for the whole tour, and then buy them at the end at the discounted rate or give them back with no questions asked. It’s a great way to see if the gear is right for you!

Tour Program

Tropical Birding Tours and Swarovski Optik have teamed up to create a series of relaxed tours around the world. This includes a number of short tours in North America, and longer, though still relaxed, tours to overseas destinations, like Ecuador, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Australia, Spain, and many more – more info on these exciting new relaxed tours to easygoing destinations can be found here:

Click here for full listing of Tropical Birding/Swarovski Optik Partner Tours