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Madagascar: The Mainland and Comoros - Birding Tour

We are currently only offering this tour as a Custom Tour. Please Contact Us for more information

Tour Overview:

Many birders have visited Madagascar, but very few have seen some of the island’s rarest birds, in particular Madagascar Pochard, Red Owl, Madagascar Serpent-Eagle, and Sakalava Rail. For those who have already had a taste of the ‘8th Continent’, this tour will complete their set of endemics. Very few foreigners, let alone birders, visit the Comoros, but these remote islands hold a rich set of endemic species, including 4 beautiful scops-owls, the hulking Comoro Olive Pigeon, odd Humblot’s Flycatcher, and a bounty of drongos, white-eyes, and sunbirds. Our tour will take in all four of the islands of the Comoros, and give us a chance to ‘clean up’ on the endemics. This is a rugged tour to a rarely-visited part of the world. We’ll spend four nights camping, make a couple of tough drives on dirt roads, and a couple of long treks on the Comoros. It’s a good tour for the adventurous birder eager to see some places that are way off the beaten path. Tropical Birding’s Madagascar office is at the center of this region, giving us an unsurpassed capacity to handle the tricky logistics of this tour.