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When the Portuguese revealed Taiwan to the western world, they dubbed it “Formosa” – The Beautiful Island. Although, in the modern era, Taiwan is best known for its political defiance of mainland China, the island has a wealth of natural resources, including some of the most stunning mountain landscapes and birds in Asia. The island boasts around 30 bird species found nowhere else, including some audacious pheasants and a blue magpie among them. Taiwan is a continental island, lying 160 km off the coast of China, formed by the action of tectonic plates on the eastern edge of the Asian shelf; this dramatic uplift has given it the most remarkable topography. Although only 400 km long and, on average, 150 km wide, the island rises from a shallow western coastal plain to reach 4000 m at its highest peak. In addition to the stunning landscapes Taiwan boasts friendly people, stunning culture and a cuisine that is second-to-none when it comes to tastiness, so all and visitors no matter what your particular bend are in for a great experience. We currently offer one Birding tour and also a Birding with a Camera® tour to Taiwan, as it has a flourishing bird photography scene.

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