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General Information

Thailand is one of Asia’s most exciting birding destinations. Located at the crossroads of Southeast Asia, Thailand has exceptionally high bird diversity. It is home to many colorful resident species which share their habitats with healthy numbers of Palearctic and Himalayan migrants. Combined with legendary Thai hospitality, some of the finest cuisine in the Orient, and high-quality accommodation, it is no surprise that this is one of the most popular Asian destinations for birders and bird photographers. Our tour explores the national parks of south, central, and northern Thailand, looking for handsome hornbills, spectacular broadbills, stunning pittas, and a host of other Asian denizens. For those with extra time, a short extension to search for some of the Sundaic specialties of southern Thailand should ensure a grand finale, and bring a taste of the remarkable birds of the Malay Peninsula. Tropical Birding offers a longer more extensive Birding tour, and a shorter Birding with a Camera® for those who wish to home in on the best bird photography sites.

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