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Costa Rica

General Information

Costa Rica is a perennial favorite among birders and photographers alike. The reason is simple; the country is equipped with a series of excellent lodges, some of which come with a busy set of feeders, and boasts the highest percentage of protected land area of any country in the world. On top of that it also has a huge bird list relative to the size of the country, with over 800 species on offer. While tropical birding can seem intimidating and difficult, Costa Rica offers some of the best available, with many places set up with not only great accommodations but great forest facilities too, making Costa Rica much more accessible than some other more adventurous destinations. If you are looking for a first foray into the tropics, to experience its legendary diversity, you need to look no further than Costa Rica, as the ideal choice in this regard. It offers superb wetlands, mangroves, highland forests and humid tropical wet and dry forests, and often easy birding in comfort and style. It also offers one of the world’s must see birds, in the form of the spectacular Resplendent Quetzal, which is usually readily seen. While we offer three very different tours to this idyllic tropical country, they all offer a very high chance of the quetzal, while differing in many other respects. Tropical Birding have been operating tours in Costa Rica now for well over ten years, and regularly operate multiple tours within the country each year, whether these be photo tour, introductory tours to the country, or hard core birding trips focused on maximising the bird list.

We cover it all - Birding tours for birders, Photo Tours for photographers, and Birding with a Camera® tours for those that do not sit neatly into those other two categories.

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