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Tours offered in this region:
General Information

Iceland is ancient, both in terms of its people and its very nature. Sitting just below the Arctic Circle, it is a spectacularly beautiful land of rugged cliffs, serene fjords, cascading waterfalls, apocalyptic-looking lava fields, and magma-spilling volcanoes. And, it is a land with a tremendous wealth of wildlife. Though species numbers are relatively low, (as is typical of near-Arctic regions), the quality is superb. Roadside pools teem with elegant Red-necked Phalaropes, rivers hold crisp Harlequin Ducks and amorous Barrow’s Goldeneye, and fearsome Gyrfalcons roam the land in search of any of the abundant breeding shorebirds and ducks to feast on. Plus the island is hemmed in by the cetacean-rich Greenland Sea and Atlantic Ocean that boast a myriad of awe-inspiring whales and dolphins. We offer a Birding tour, which is also excellent for whale watching, and also a Birding with a Camera® tour too. Both of these tours take in some of the dramatic scenery for which Iceland is justly globally famous for.

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