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The British Isles aren’t famed for their abundance of birds, but Scotland is often wrongly swept up in that assumption. In fact, Scotland has its very own set of specialties that draw the Brits north of the border almost constantly, but has until now remained a secret to many foreign birders. We’ll search the Caledonian Pine forests and picturesque lochs around Grantown-on-Spey for Western Capercaillie, Crested Tit, Scottish and Parrot Crossbills, and Black Grouse, before climbing the Cairngorms to find Rock Ptarmigan, Snow Bunting, Mountain Hare, and maybe too Eurasian Dotterel. We then head out to the scenic islands of Skye and the Uists, off the west coast of Scotland, to find White-tailed and Golden Eagles, Northern Harrier, Short-eared Owl, breeding shorebirds, and Parasitic Jaeger, Eurasian Otter, the stunning Red-necked Phalarope, and fields of rasping Corncrakes. If luck is on our side, we may even find one of the Snowy Owls that occasionally breed on these outlying islands. On our way to the coast we’ll search a remote valley for Golden Eagle and hundreds of Red Deer, and a small loch for superb breeding Horned Grebes. An evening spent just inches from a family of Pine Martens will also surely be a highlight.


North Wales is a wonderful place to visit with its exciting blend of resident, migrant, returning winter and departing summer birds, depending on the season. Add to this a wide variety of habitats and stunning scenery and you have the perfect mix for a birdwatching break. North Wales offers the birdwatcher a wonderful blend of habitats from high mountains, across moors, through woodlands, reedbeds, lakes, marshes, seacliffs and estuaries, all with exciting birds to enjoy. This is an exclusive tour with just six participants with two guides, Alan and Ruth.