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One of the best things you can do for your Olympus kit (and really any kit) is to properly maintain it. This is just one of the essential steps I take to make sure my kit is properly maintained.

Most people know to clean their kit regularly to prevent dust and grime build up on the lens. This will help to make sure you have sharp images and your focus is accurate. All of this is great but there is something most people don't think to check and that is the connecting mount between the lens and the body. Now you really shouldn't need to do this constantly. If you find that you are, you should contact OM as you may have stripped thread or faulty screw but checking it everyone once in a while or especially if you use a carrying system that puts a lot of strain on that connection is a great idea to help ensure your connection points strength and longevity. I personally check mine after each tour along with a deep clean of the lens and the body (pics before the clean!)

Here is a good set of mini-screw drivers should you be interested. I carry this little kit around with me wherever I go as a precaution and I can honestly say it has come in handy twice on tour. Not for me, but for some guests. Keep your gear in tact so that it may serve you as best it can on your adventures!


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