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Houston Audubon Jamaica:
Easy Caribbean - Birding Tour

Tour Overview:

Tropical Birding have teamed up with the Houston Audubon to bring you a series of short, relaxed birding tours. Participants can book, knowing that part of their tour fee will be donated to the Houston Audubon Society, a very active conservation group, preserving bird habitat in Texas. The tour has been specifically designed, so that only two hotels are used on the tour, so you only have to unpack a few times. This tour focuses on the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, where the majority of the specialty birds can be seen during only a short visit, like on this tour. We will be looking for spectacular bird species like Red-billed Streamertail and Jamaican Tody, which only occur on this island, and occur alongside migrant warblers, like Prairie and Black-throated Blue Warblers that call Jamaican home during the boreal winter. There will also be the chance to taste the World-famous Blue Mountain coffee while there too. This is one of the easiest tours that we offer, with no long drives, no early starts, and a very relaxed pace. All days will feature down time during the middle of the day. The Tropical Birding tour guide will be accompanied by a Houston Audubon representative throughout, so you will be in very good hands from start to finish!

Upcoming Departures:



5 - 10 December ($3270; single supplement $330)*

*The tour fee includes a donation to Houston Audubon

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Other Tour Details:

Length: 6 Days 

Starting City: Kingston

Ending City: Kingston

Pace: Relaxed

Physical Difficulty: Easy

Focus: Birding

Group size: 10 + 1 TB leader +1 HAS leader