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South Texas: Birding with a Camera® (BwC)

Tour Overview:

Chachalacas, Kiskadees, Pyrrhuloxias, and Pauraques! Haven’t heard of those? Well, how about Orioles, Jays and Kingfishers? It doesn’t matter — the Rio Grande Valley in Southern Texas has them all. Situated on the international border, the region is a premier birding destination from November to February, those temperate months offering access to countless amazing birds within a few hours’ drive of our gateway city, Harlingen. From arid scrub to palm groves and sandy beaches, we’ll visit legendary hot spots like Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, Estero Llaño Grande State Park, and South Padre Island. The region boasts fantastic photographic infrastructure, and a moderate pace will allow time to photograph a wide array of species, many of them specialties of the far south. The ever-present possibility of Mexican vagrants adds constant excitement, and we’ll dedicate our final day to finding the iconic Whooping Crane, a spectacular bird and an amazing conservation success story. It doesn’t matter if you’re a wide-eyed novice or a grizzly veteran; the Rio Grande Valley and Whooping Cranes is a must!