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A turaco, crimson wings spread resplendently in early morning light, a rockfowl slinking, shadow-like through the understory tangles of a West African rainforest, woodhoopoes cackling outside a nest-hole, or a lone Shoebill, standing sentry in a Ugandan Papyrus swamp. These are unforgettable images of birding in Africa.

Endemic to Africa, turacos are avian highlights on many of our tours
Endemic to Africa, turacos are avian highlights on many of our tours (Ken Behrens)

Not only have we enjoyed all of these magical moments on Tropical Birding’s African trips, but our destinations on the continent are carefully selected for a number of reasons. They are the key destinations for endemic birds as well as being areas where a great diversity of birds is possible on a short tour. Our trips therefore produce high lists with many endemics, specialties, and threatened species. We visit 18 of the continent’s 20 Endemic Bird Areas (EBAs) that are in politically stable zones, from the staggering beauty of South Africa’s Western Cape, to the vastness of the montane and lowland forest in Cameroon, to the sprawling Acacia-studded plains of East Africa, to the stark and never-ending wilderness of Namibia’s deserts.

Africa has much more to offer than birds. Our trips are often peppered with memorable mammal moments, and it is not unusual to see over 50 species on our birding trips. Our frequent sightings of African mega-fauna such as lions and leopards, and chance meetings with red-cloaked Masai tribesmen never detract from a satisfying birding experience.

Mammals feature prominently on most of our tours in Africa
Mammals feature prominently on most of our tours in Africa (Ken Behrens)

Custom and Private tours

In addition to our scheduled tours, we can offer private trips at any time of the year upon request. These tours are not necessarily expensive and offer you the flexibility of choosing when you travel and who you travel with. Feel free to contact us at any time, and we will be happy to build a custom itinerary to fit your desires.

Any of our standard departures can be made into a custom tour, or we can design a completely new itinerary for you based on where you want to go and want birds you want to see.

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