These cruises visit some of the most wildest and most remote places on Earth, and each one is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Some of these cruises offer unparalleled chances to get up close and personal with seabirds like Salvin's Albatross
Some of these cruises offer unparalleled chances to get up close and personal with seabirds like Salvin's Albatross (Keith Barnes)

Subantarctic Islands
There can be little doubt that this is the finest seabirding spectacle on the planet with nine species of penguin, 40 species of tube-nose seabird and 10 species of endemic shag on offer. In addition we visit seven varied Sub-antarctic archipelagos scattered around New Zealand, for one of Earth’s greatest wilderness experiences.

Western Pacific Odyssey
Cutting a swathe from New Zealand to Japan, this voyage traverses the richest waters on earth for rare and exotic Pterodroma Petrels, including some of the rarest and most poorly known seabirds on the planet. In addition we visit a suite of strange islands including Norfolk, Caroline and southern Solomons, but our land highlight will undoubtedly be New Caledonia and the strange Kagu.

Top of the World: Polar Bears in the Siberian Arctic
The Russian Arctic remains one of the most remote and least explored Arctic regions, and the Wilderness here is some of the most staggering on Earth. There are more Ice-Bears (Polar Bears) here than just about anywhere else on the planet, and although they are a focus, the Beluga Whales, Grey Whales, Walrus and myriad other creatures of the Arctic are likely to keep us permanently enthralled.

Antarctica, Falklands, and South Georgia
If you are looking for the most extensive trip lists of birds and animals in the Antarctic this is the trip for you. This offers the very best sites in Antarctica, and is a must for both world listers chasing endemic birds, as well as photographers looking for the greatest wildlife spectacles in the Antarctic region. A combination of the Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula provides the ultimate mix of sites to create the best trip lists in the region for birds and also other Antarctic wildlife, as well as providing a spectacular photography tour. While the Falklands and South Georgia provide opportunities to chase endemic and specialty species like Falklands Steamerduck and South Georgia Pipit respectively, they offer much more than that and it is well established that they host some of the most impressive wildlife concentrations on the planet. Standing among hundreds of thousands of King Penguins on South Georgia and on the Falklands are experiences found almost nowhere else, and make these islands perennial favorites among birders, photographers and other wildlife enthusiasts.

Galapagos Islands: Chasing Endemics on “Darwin’s Islands”
The Galapagos Islands lie 1000km/625m off of the coast of Ecuador in South America. The destination had become one of the quintessential bucket list places to visit, and it is easy to see why. The wildlife of the islands is famously tame, and so appeals to people from all walks of life and allows anyone to walk away with more than merely decent photographs of them. To a birder, these islands have greater appeal still. In addition to the lure that they have for others, the islands are home to a discrete set of endemic bird species (more than twenty by current taxonomy, but ever increasing), many of which are easily found by taking a very comfortable cruise of this nature around some of the key islands. If ever there was a birding trip that you could feel totally comfortable inviting a non-birding partner on, this is it. Simply put, everybody likes the Galapagos, as it is a totally unique nature experience that is satiating to people from all walks of life.

Atlantic Odyssey
This is an incredible trans-Atlantic sojourn aboard an ice-strengthened Polar expedition ship. This cruise departs from the southern tip of South America before taking in the amazing and remote South Georgia archipelago before heading to the seldom visited Gough and Tristan groups in the mid-Atlantic, and finally plying the subtropical waters of St. Helena. For those of you who still have not had enough, you can either join an Antarctic Peninsula pre-trip, or stay on the ship for onward passage to Ascension Island and the Cape Verdes.