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Western Pacific Odyssey - Cruise

Tour Overview:

This absorbing cruise starts in Tauranga, in northern New Zealand, and works its way north to New Guinea, stopping en route at many islands, including New Caledonia the Solomons. Expect to see both a slew of seabirds on the oceanic crossings and many endemic landbirds confined to these remote islands. Great seabirds come quickly on this cruise, with early possibilities of the spectacular New Zealand Storm-Petrel and Gray Noddy, as we search the seabird-rich Hauraki Gulf off of New Zealand. Chumming sessions should increase our chances for many more tubenose species. The trip to Norfolk Island might produce some quality pelagic species, such as Black-winged and Cook’s Petrels, while on the island itself we’ll target Norfolk Island Gerygone, Norfolk Island Parakeet, and Slender-billed White-eye. This tour is especially good for gadfly petrels, and as we continue north to New Caledonia, we may see multiple species like Tahiti, Providence, Kermadec, and Gray-faced Petrels. On New Caledonia, a cast of more than twenty endemic landbirds is headlined by Kagu, the only member of its family. Other targets include Southern Shrikebill, Red-throated Parrotfinch, and the odd, tool-using, New Caledonian Crow. The Solomon Islands will beckon us northward, and Rennell Island will be visible for much of the journey, during which we should see more seabirds, like Collared Petrel and Lesser Frigatebird. The latter will herald our arrival in the tropics. In the Solomons we will visit the islands of Rennell, Makira, Guadalcanal, and Kolombangara, targeting the archipelago’s many endemics (over 70 are found here), such as Rennell Shrikebill, Silver-capped and Claret-breasted Fruit-doves, Finch’s Pygmy-Parrot, Cardinal Myzomela, San Cristóbal Melidectes, Makira Flycatcher, Solomon Cockatoo, and Ultramarine Kingfisher. Moving north into Papua New Guinean waters, off the Bismarck Archipelago, we will switch our attentions again to seabirds. The rare and local Beck’s Petrel and Heinroth’s Shearwater are major targets around the island of New Ireland. We are likely also to run into cetaceans as we journey northwards, with Spinner Dolphins and Melon-headed, Dwarf Sperm, and Sperm Whales all found in these waters.

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