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Madagascar: Enigmatic Wildlife Tour (EWT)

Tour Overview:

We are proud to be offering this Enigmatic Wildlife Tour in collaboration with our partners Rainbow Tours, to a fine selection of Madagascar’s awe-inspiring wild places. As is the case with other Enigmatic Wildlife Tours, the objective of the tour is to reveal to a small group of participants more than just the usual flagship species, which the majority of tour groups come to see. In this regard, the tour leader is very important, and we are delighted to be working with respected author and herpetologist, wildlife photographer, and conservation biologist, Marius Burger, who has been to Madagascar some 30 times, mostly to lead tours but also to do research. Marius even has a Malagasy tree frog named after him: Boophis burgeri! This trip visits mainly places that are off the normal birding circuit, including Kirindy Forest and a variety of lemur and reptile-rich sites in the far north.

Upcoming Departures:



28 Oct - 15 Nov (€8250; single supplement: €615)



26 Oct - 13 Nov (Price: TBA)

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