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Borneo and Malaysia

General Information

Borneo is one of the largest islands in the world. However, it is only necessary to visit a very small part of the island to see many of its greatest natural treasures. The Malaysian state of Sabah in northern Borneo comes equipped with world class lodges and ecotourism facilities, which make many of the unique birds and animals of the island readily accessible. We offer everything from Birding tours chasing endemic species, to mammal focused tours, and ones more heavily geared towards photography too.

For birders seeking the many bird endemics of the island, visits to Mount Kinabalu offer spectacular highland endemics like Whitehead’s Trogon and Whitehead’s Spiderhunter; while the lowland sites of Danum Valley, Sepilok, and Sukau offer such avian rewards as Rhinoceros and White-crowned Hornbills, Black-headed and Blue-headed Pittas, and an endemic bird family in the Bornean Bristlehead.

Nature photographers revel in the wildlife viewing along the Kinabatangan River (the Sukau area), which offers rare birds such as Storm’s Stork and all 8 species of hornbill alongside photogenic and unique wildlife, like the Old Man of the Forest, Orang-Utan, the handsome Red Leaf-Monkey, and the strange Proboscis Monkey, all of which frequently show up and regularly “perform” for photographers. For people who like to photograph birds and other wildlife along with chasing after endemics, we offer a Birding with a Camera® tour.


We also have one of our new series of Enigmatic Wildlife Tours (EWT). It focuses on the wild nocturnal animals of Borneo. We will also have time for daytime exploration, but for the most part we will be delving into a world few spend a lot of time in, the night. We hope for an encounter with Clouded Leopard, but this is the world’s hardest big cat to see. Whether or not we are successful, we will find many other superb animals on this unique and spectacular tour.

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