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Borneo: Enigmatic Wildlife Tour (EWT)

Tour Overview:

Borneo is a mainstream wildlife-watching destination for good reason. It is probably the very best place in Asia to see rainforest mammals, including many charismatic species such as the red and woolly Orang-utan, stunning large-nosed Proboscis Monkey and Pygmy Elephants. But Borneo also has a stunning array of wildlife that ventures out only at night, and most wildlife watching tours tend to spend a limited amount of time attempting to find them. This tour is different. Completely different. We will be spending 5-8 hours out at night, almost every night, looking for Borneo’s enigmas of darkness. One cannot think of time out at night in Borneo without thinking of rare cats. Undoubtedly a key highlight would be an encounter with a Clouded Leopard, and we will do everything in our power to maximize our chances of that. But there is also down-side to single-minded focus in that an encounter is not guaranteed, leading to potential major disappointment. And so, we intend to make sure we enjoy everything we can see at night, because although a Clouded Leopard would be absolutely mega, it’s not the only mega beast out there. And we have great chances of stunners like Sunda Leopard Cat, Bornean Colugo, the ‘bearcat’ Binturong, Banded Palm Civet and that absolutely amazing Otter Civet as well as an assortment of flying-squirrels. Other rare, but regular critters of the dark are Marbled Cat and Sun Bear, but much luck would be needed for those too. But hold onto your seats, this journey to one of the wildest places remaining in Asia, with some of the finest wildlife, promises to be riveting!

Upcoming Departures:


Extension: 5 - 9 August (TBA)

Main tour: 10 - 24 August  ($6590; single supplement: $990)

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Other Tour Details:

Length: 15 Days (19 with Ext.)

Starting City: Sandakan (Kota Kinabalu if joining the extension)

Ending City: Sandakan

Pace: Moderate

Physical Difficulty: Easy

Focus: Rare and Elusive Wildlife

Group size: 7 + 1 leader +1 local guide