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China: Sichuan and Tibetan Plateau - Birding Tour

Tour Overview:

Sichuan has China’s most dramatic mountains, all of its best endemics including pheasants, parrotbills and rosefinches, austere Tibetan buddhist temples, and a rich varied cuisine that makes it the finest part of the country to visit for birding. This part of China is so scenically spectacular it was long ago dubbed the “Heavenly Kingdom” by the Chinese themselves. When people think of Chinese birds, they think of pheasants and parrotbills in particular, and this tour is particularly rich in these bird groups. There are chances at some of the most beautiful of all Asian birds, like the iridescent Chinese Monal, ghostly white White Eared-Pheasant and hulking Tibetan Snowcock among the stunning landscapes of the high mountains. Parrotbills are likely right from the word go, as they even dwell within Sichuan’s capital, and half a dozen species or so are regularly seen on this tour. Other well represented groups on this itinerary are accentors, laughingthrushes, redstarts, and rosefinches. Combined with our time in Sichuan’s high mountains, or shans, will be a side trip onto the Tibetan Plateau, with it distinct culture, and unique birds, not least the elegant Black-necked Crane, gorgeous White-browed Tit-Warbler and Przevalski’s Pinktail, a monotypic family and therefore a must for family listers. If you only do China once, this is the place to choose.