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Myanmar: Burmese Specialties - Birding Tour

We are currently only offering this tour as a Custom Tour. Please Contact Us for more information

Tour Overview:

Myanmar is a large and diverse country in southeast Asia, which has an air of mystery after being closed to outsiders and torn by civil war for many decades. But peace has finally come to Myanmar, and it is most definitely open to tourists now, making a range of endemics, near-endemics, and other specialty birds available to the traveling birder. Several species are endemic to the semi-desert thornscrub of Myanmar’s central valley, namely the White-throated Babbler, Burmese Bushlark, and Hooded Treepie, plus the beautiful Jerdon’s Minivet, which is split by many authorities. The sand banks of the broad and meandering Irrawaddy River hold a different set of specialty birds. Many of these are also found in the Indian subcontinent, but are scarce or lacking from the rest of the world. These include River Lapwing, White-tailed Stonechat, Sand Lark, Striated Babbler, and a significant wintering population of the increasingly scarce Yellow-breasted Bunting. Mount Victoria is often considered the “crown jewel” of Burmese birding, and rightly so. It is part of the Chin Hills, the southernmost extension of the Himalayas, and is the only place on Earth to see the beautiful White-browed Nuthatch, along with a rich set of other montane species like “Mount Victoria” Chinese Babax (a likely split), Brown-capped, Striped, and Assam Laughingthrushes, Black-bibbed Tit, “Burmese” Black-browed Tit (another likely split), Rusty-capped Fulvetta, Spot-breasted Scimitar-Babbler, and many others. We finish up this short but diverse trip in the eastern mountains of Myanmar. The forest here is very different from that in the Chin Hills, resembling that of northwestern Thailand. It is the best place on Earth to see the scarce near-endemic Burmese Bushtit. The expansive Lake Inle is a stronghold of the rare Jerdon’s Bushchat and Collared Myna, along with a bounty of other wetland birds. Myanmar is a land of great cultural treasures, and conveniently, one of its greatest ones, the ancient city of Bagan, also happens to be one of its preeminent birding sites.