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General Information

Australia is a vast continent boasting not only a handsome list of birds – over 800 species – but also a host of animals found nowhere else too. One of the great features of any kind of trip to Australia, is the sheer abundance of many of the birds and animals. Some of the most abundant bird species are also some of the most striking and colorful – with birds like Superb Fairywren, Rainbow Lorikeet and Galah being conspicuous birds in many areas, while animals like wallabies and kangaroos seem to be around every corner! The ease of which many of these species may be seen is often illustrated by the long species lists even in a short trip. In a few intense weeks in Eastern Australia you can expect to walk away with more than half the continents birds, and a healthy dose of mammals too.

The size of the continent means that no one trip can do the country justice, and so for that reason, we offer many different tours to Australia. Typically birders take either the Eastern Australia tour alone, or combine it another tour (most often the short Top End tour); while photographers are well-catered for with the Australia Photo Tour, which ensures photographers leave with a healthy selection of Australian birds such as electric-blue fairywrens, bowerbirds around their characteristic bowers, a swathe of parrots, as well as many other classic Australasian groups such as logrunners, pardalotes, honeyeaters, whistlers, woodswallows, and fantails; and that’s not to mention a host of wallabies, kangaroos, and the chance to photograph wombats and platypus too. A Birding with a Camera® (BwC) is also offered too for a healthy selection of birds and mammals too, and for those who sit somewhere between focused birders and a serious photographer.

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