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Australia: Birding with a Camera® (BwC)

Tour Overview:

Australia is a massive draw to birders, and photographers, as not only does it offer hundreds of new birds for first timers to the continent, it is also characterized by easy birding and photography. On a fast-paced (but physically easy) tour of this nature, which targets some rare species as well as the run-of-the-mill Australian endemics (of which there are many), it is sure that many photo opportunities will arise, whether it be photographing seabirds on the Great Barrier Reef, to getting a head shot of a Southern Cassowary in the tropical rainforests north of Cairns, to the incredibly tame wild parrots and bowerbirds of O’ Reilly’s, to a variety of stunning fairywrens which pepper the trip throughout, a photo opp will never be far away. This tour starts in northeast Queensland visiting everything from mudflats and mangroves to sandy cays on the Barrier Reef, and rainforests, savanna and swamps, before moving into the south of the same state of Queensland, where the cooler temperate forests are home to logrunners and lyrebirds; and then moves inland into the Outback where the already high parrot count will go up and is also home to Australia’s national bird, the Emu. Moving south from there, we head through remote western NSW before we will move into our third state of the trip, Victoria, and one of the most revered birding areas in all of Australia, Chiltern. Even the incredibly rare Regent Honeyeater is possible there, along with more regular star species like Diamond Firetail and Eastern Shrike-Tit. Finally, an extension to the state of Tasmania is offered to go after a further 13 species that are confined to the island, and other species more easily found there; this includes Swift Parrot, Hooded Plover, and the chance to watch Little Penguins waddling ashore at dusk at the close of the tour!

Upcoming Departures:


Main Tour: 30 September - 17 October ($9990*; single supplement $1050)

Extension: 17 - 20 October ($2190*; single supplement $450)

*Internal flights are not included; please Contact Us for the current cost of the internal flights.


Main Tour: 4 - 21 October (Price: TBA)

Extension: 21- 24 October (Price: TBA)

*Internal flights are not included; please Contact Us for the current cost of the internal flights.

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