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Papua New Guinea - Enigmatic Wildlife Tour (EWT)

We are currently only offering this tour as a Custom Tour. Please Contact Us for more information.

Tour Overview:

This trip is particularly suitable for those that have already done mainland PNG or West Papua (or both!) and are looking for a trip that will focus on some truly rarely seen birds, including some of the least-known and most spectacular birds-of-paradise on Earth. We visit remote and areas and there is some camping; luxury is not something to be expected on this tour. The Huon Peninsula has long held a phenomenal allure for those keen on birds-of-paradise, and it is one of the last remaining wilderness areas in New Guinea. Its isolated montane forests are rich in endemics, including three incredible birds-of-paradise available nowhere else: Emperor Bird-of-paradise, Huon Astrapia, and Wahne’s Parotia. This area has been largely off limits until recently due to logistical constraints, but the recent provision of a mobile camp and the availability of charter flights has opened up this wilderness, where finally we can lay eyes on these near-mythical creatures, along with a bunch of other endemic birds! We also visit the islands of Milne Bay, home to the amazing Goldie’s Bird-of-paradise, and the less spectacular, but equally localized Curl-crested Manucode. We will also have a few other targets out here and enjoy birding the splendid coral reef islands. An extension to New Britain is also on the cards, which is well worth it if you have not done it before or if you still need stunners like the Golden Masked-Owl.