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Puerto Rico: Enchanted Island Endemics - Birding Tour

Tour Overview:

Puerto Rico is known as the “Island of Enchantment” by virtue of its beautiful landscapes. Although it is a US Territory, it feels a world away from there, being located in the Greater Antilles island group, within the West Indies of the Caribbean. Much of the birdlife is unique to the island or region, which includes three specialty Caribbean bird families, and seventeen island endemic bird species. Puerto Rico is a small territory (equal to the US state of Connecticut) , and so we will be able to cover the north, northeast, and very different, drier southwest of the island during this 6-day tour. We will be seeking some of the most treasured local specialties, such as Puerto Rican Tody, Puerto Rican Spindalis, Puerto Rican Tanager, Elfin Woods and Adelaide’s Warblers, and a handful of exquisite local hummingbirds. Three of these occupy key families of the Caribbean, Todies, Spindalises and Puerto Rican Tanager; all of which are typically easily located. This makes for a perfect late winter getaway, with a real chance of finding most of our local targets, along with a host of wintering waterbirds and songbirds to enhance the bird list even further.