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Spain: Enigmatic Wildlife Tours (EWT)

Tour Overview:

There are few places in Europe that compare to Spain when it comes to wildlife watching and none other where you can encounter one of the rarest cats on the planet, the majestic Iberian Lynx. We will immerse ourselves in the realm of this endangered wild cat, dedicating a full four days in an area seldom visited by tourists and boasting the highest density of Lynx on the Iberian Peninsula. We are avoiding some of the more heavily visited Lynx areas and hope to both enjoy encounters with few other tourists, but also to remain away from other people as much as possible whilst we enjoy the open air of Spain’s countryside. Meeting at the capital, Madrid, we will start our Spanish sojourn south soaking up the beautiful views and birds along the way. Our base for all but one night of the tour will be just outside of the Peñalajo Estate, famous for its Manchego cheeses, olive oil, game and Iberian Lynx. Optimising our time here, making use of hides, lookouts and 4WD vehicles, we will give ourselves maximum chances to encounter our most elusive of targets. As if the Lynx weren’t enough, we can also enjoy sightings of some of Spain’s most iconic birds, including Spanish Eagle, Pin-tailed and Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Little Bustard, Eurasian Hoopoe and many more to boot. No trip to Spain would be complete without experiencing its wonderful culture and we will be indulging in local delicacies throughout. Our final day will be spent birding the Tablas de Daimiel National Park, where we can hope to find endemics such as Iberian Gray Shrike, Iberian Green Woodpecker, hundreds of wading birds, ducks and many other fantastic species, including Eurasian Penduline-Tit and Bluethroat. This short but bountiful tour will undoubtedly blowout the cobwebs and have us re-engaged with incredible species and wildlife once again.