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Lookin' to Travel!

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Welcome to "Lookin' to Travel!" This group is dedicated for those members who want to seek out new members to travel with. At Tropical Birding, we value our community and we want to connect as many of you as possible so, if you're looking for a couple to travel with or a group to join as a single, check out this group!

Post Tips:

- Where are you going?

- How many people?

- What type of traveler are you? (Birding, BWC, Photography, Enigmatic)

  • Ben: I have signed up for the Photo trip in CR in February 2024.

    I wonder if you might be able/willing to update the details on the itinerary description.

    I know from exchanges with Martina that the itinerary has changed. It seems to make more sense now, in terms of daily in vehicle travel time.

  • Ben Knoot

    Lookin' to Travel to Taiwan next spring (end April to mid May) on a custom Birding with Camera tour.

    Seeking 2-3 fun loving bird, nature and photography addicts.

  • Hello, and I hope to meet some of you on future tours! I am a single woman and I'm happy to share a room and avoid the Single Supplement. My next trip with Tropical Birding is to Tanzania (Mar 29 - April 18, 2024.) I've made quite a few trips to Central and South America (Costa Rica is what got me hooked on international birding) but there are many places in Africa and Asia that I want to visit. Good birding to all!

  • Kathy
    Ben Knoot

    Looking forward to my first Tropical Birding trip, Photography in Costa Rica, February 2024. First time I've booked a trip where I'm going alone!

  • phyllis.moore
    Ben Knoot


    Welcome to "Lookin' to Travel!" This group is dedicated for ...

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