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Ben: I have signed up for the Photo trip in CR in February 2024.

I wonder if you might be able/willing to update the details on the itinerary description.

I know from exchanges with Martina that the itinerary has changed. It seems to make more sense now, in terms of daily in vehicle travel time.

I would like, though, to get a better idea of the birding locations where you are planning to spend time. (For instance, is the “hole in the wall place” referred to in the current description the Soda y Mirador in Cinchona?)

I like birds and flowers, but am not keen to spend time on reptiles, insects, monkeys or other animals.

Also, I tend to be slow on walking trails (at 77, you start to get decrepit). I would not want to inconvenience other participants, so if that is a potential problem, please let me know before I plunk down the deposit.

Ben Knoot
Unknown member
Mar 21

Thought I would follow up to say that the tour in February worked out beautifully: Almost a bespoke, private tour experience. And that Pablo did a super job, as guide , photography advisor and driver. One of my three best ttips ever.



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