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Ben Knoot
March 15, 2023 · changed the group description.

Welcome! This is a group for Olympus photographers to share their photos, settings, field tactics and anything else Olympus related. Moderated by Olympus Ambassador and tour guide, Ben Knoot. Please be respectful to your fellow group members. Have fun!

  • This weeks Olympus Tip:

    Let's open this week up to Q&A. Feel free to ask any questions, post a photo for a review, etc.

    Here's a fun shot from Malaysia, a Colugo.


  • This week's Olympus Tip:

    Did you know you can do slow-mo video as well as "normal" video with your OM-1? Slow-mo can be a very useful tool to show off some incredible action or convey a sense of connection with something as simple as a turn of the head.

    To access this options:

    1) Enter the Menu

  • Ken

    This weeks Olympus tip!

    Currently I am doing a lot of photographing at great distances here in Malaysia. So, naturally, I want a little more reach which means I am going for my teleconverters. I have both the 1.4x and the 2.0x but find myself using the 1.4x the least here in Malaysia where the cloudy days are outnumbering the sunny days and where I don't think the 2.0x will do well.

    So, I carry the 1.4x in my pocket and when the time comes to use it, I want to share with you what I have been finding through some experimentation.

  • Ken

    This weeks Olympus Tip:

    Since I am traveling in Asia right now, let's talk dark situation's quite common here! Keep in mind (depending on body and lens combination) that your kit has somewhere around 5 to potentially 7.5 stops of I.S...which means you can handhold incredibly slow images. But stabilization alone won't solve all of your problems. Try these👇🏼

    Tips for shooting dark situations:

    - Expose it right in the camera, even if that means pushing the ISO

  • Ken


    Welcome! This is a group for Olympus photographers to share ...

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