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Ben Knoot
March 15, 2023 · changed the group description.

Welcome! This is a group for Olympus photographers to share their photos, settings, field tactics and anything else Olympus related. Moderated by Olympus Ambassador and tour guide, Ben Knoot. Please be respectful to your fellow group members. Have fun!

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick tip because I was reminded of it while on tour in Japan recently!

Something all photographers must think about is their background. The color, light and elements of the background are all things that will significantly affect your image. Something we as Micro 4/3 users must think about even more than full-frame shooters is the distance of our subject and the background elements that create our "bokeh".

17 days ago · joined the group.

Has anyone used the OM-1ii? Is the autofocus a lot better? Tracking?